The idea for Dentiful came during my day to day work as an endodontist. I watched as my assistants flipped through catalogs from several vendors to compare prices. On top of that, they also compared prices with various specials of the month (i.e. buy 13 and get 2 free). My assistants spent a lot of time filtering through the information and doing the math to save the dental practice money, and I could tell that this was a frustrating and time-consuming experience for them.

I work for a large dental group and I know that we get volume discounts that solo private practices don't get. In a world with simple price comparison sites like Kayak.com and easy online shopping platforms like Amazon.com, there was an opportunity for innovation in the dental supply industry to make the lives of dentists and their staff easier.

With the vision to save dentists and their staff both time and money in ordering dental supplies, I teamed up with two of the smartest (and kindest) guys I know (Cody and Alex) and we launched Dentiful together.

Our team focused on two things:

  • Leveraging technology to create a simple, easy to use, price shopping platform for dental supplies
  • Building partnerships with high-quality, mid-sized vendors who do not have inflated prices from large marketing budgets—our platform offers their products to the dentists we serve and passes on the savings of 10-50%

Dentiful's vision is to use technology to save dentists and their staff time and money when ordering dental supplies. This will simplify their lives and free them to do more of what they like, including improving the quality of service to their patients, deepening their relationships with family and friends, and making a meaningful impact in communities locally and internationally.

I hope you enjoy the site, and I look forward to hearing how Dentiful will save you time and money.

Jon Fu

Our Team

Jon - CEO


Jon is a practicing endodontist and passionate about making dental practices more efficient. His role at Dentiful is setting the vision for the business and developing meaningful relationships with vendors and clients, so feel free to reach out to him at jon@dentiful.com about anything!

For those that are interested in credentials, he holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of California, D.D.S. from the University of Southern California, certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry from Lutheran Medical Center and a certificate in Advanced Endodontics from The University of Texas Health Science Center (wow that was a mouthful).

Alex - CTO


Alex first began taking computers apart and putting them back together as a ten year old in Iowa. Since then, he has been busy writing custom software for businesses and individuals, working for government contractors and private companies, and creating his own software programs on the side.

Alex is responsible for imagining, designing, and implementing the technical vision of Dentiful as the company's CTO. His goal is to create an easy-to-use platform that integrates with partner companies to seamlessly connect customers with high-quality supplies at the lowest possible costs. He and his wife, Jess, have one son named Elliott, who they adopted from Poland as a toddler. They live outside San Francisco with their two backyard chickens, Gwendolyn and Genevieve. Alex enjoys exploring the Bay Area, working on new project ideas, and riding trains with his son.

Cody - COO


As COO, Cody manages day-to-day business operations and sales. He has over 8 years experience implementing business systems for the healthcare industry and managing the engineering teams to create simple but effective solutions for Doctors and Patients. With his degree in Business Technology Management, he can bridge the gap between all divisions of the business and create an innovative and collaborative team working towards one mission.

In his free time, he is an avid golfer and photographer. He is a tinkerer and maker with a 3D printer that is always prototyping new ideas and building parts for his ever changing projects.